The White Washed Domes of Leon, Nicaragua
UNESCO sites in Nicaragua. More UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Adventure through the Great Blue Hole leading to other parts of the city. Explore more of Nicaragua: Boarding Down an Active Volcano 5 The White Washed Domes of Leon, Nicaragua , Nicaragua   There is so much to do in Nicaragua. Lets us navigate the world of travel planning for you Cathedral-Leon-Nicaragua-2.jpg Can't Miss Activities in Granada, Nicaragua Dreamy Views from this Cathedral Rooftop in Leon After a 10 hour bus ride between El Tunco, El Salvador and Leon, Nicaragua, I was thrilled to get Nicaragua in the Americas for it's distinct architecture and cultural importance. When in Leon, Nicaragua you must visit this stunning rooftop.
Nicaragua Off the Beaten Path: Somoto Canyon
somoto-canyon-nicaragua-cave-sq.jpg for yourself? Contact us to help you plan your next great adventure to Nicaragua! READ NEXT: The Best Nicaragua Off the Beaten Path: Somoto Canyon , bars, etc. Although it is the third largest city in Nicaragua, it’s almost what you’d expect from a into the air. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. Are you curious about experiencing Nicaragua Discovered only in 2004, Nicaragua's Somoto Canyon is an exciting and refreshing way to spend a hot Nicaraguan day swimming, hiking and cliff jumping. Nicaragua 5 hours northeast of Leon, Nicaragua resides a town by the name of Estelí. Population 119,000. It’s
5 Must Do Experiences in Granada, Nicaragua
lovely historic city nestled in southern Nicaragua on the northwestern edge of Lake Nicaragua Nicaragua is called “The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”, and Granada is a prime example. Granada is a , as was Léon. For many years Granada disputed with León its authority as the major city of Nicaragua Nicaragua would be Manuagua, between both cities. Granada is Nicaragua’s sixth largest city, however boating to lava viewing of an active volcano, here are five experiences you must do when you're in Granada, Nicaragua. , but also a city registered in official records in Spain. Granada was once the capital of Nicaragua 5 Must Do Experiences in Granada, Nicaragua Nicaragua is called “The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”, and Granada is a prime example of why. From Nicaragua
Volcano Boarding in Leon, Nicaragua
control your speed based on how much you use your feet as breaks. Explore More of Nicaragua about a one hour drive outside of León, Nicaragua. This mountain range consists of several volcanos spectacularly expansive views of Nicaragua, Telica and San Cristóbalvolcanoes line the horizon. Sapphire : Canyoneering in Nicaragua's Somoto Canyon 5 Must Do Activities in Granada, Nicaragua Stunning Cathedral Volcano-boarding-Leon-Nicaragua-sand.jpg Volcano Boarding in León, Nicaragua Cerro Negro is in the Cordillera de los Maribios mountain range Volcano Boarding in Leon, Nicaragua Nicaragua
Volcano Hiking in Nicaragua
beautiful country. Cerro Negro Upon arriving in Nicaragua, I knew I wanted to board down Cerro Negro opportunities to hike and explore volcanoes. In fact, there are 19 volcanoes in Nicaragua, of which 9 are Nicaragua. Concepción is the taller and steeper of the two volcanoes on Ometepe island, towering at Nicaragua-volcano-hike-el-hoyo-full-moon.jpg “The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes”, better known as Nicaragua, unsurprisingly offers many Amsterdam, she was living in Leon doing research for her thesis on Volcano tourism in Nicaragua. She active! Explore several of Nicaragua's volcanoes worth a hike up! Volcano Hiking in Nicaragua Nicaragua
Why Pre-Packaged Tours Are Not Ideal Reason #2: Missing Out on Overwhelming Joy
in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. I was traveling with a few friends, and had made a few more and we Nicaraguan sun and go swimming. To get to Ojo de Agua, we knew our options were either to: 1. Rent The reputation of Ojo de Agua in Ometepe, Nicaragua preceded itself. I had heard a lot about this Nicaragua my list of things to do in Ometepe, Nicaragua. When I arrived in Ometepe, I stayed for two nights in Maderas volcano, Concepcion volcano, lake Nicaragua, tiny towns with their tiendas, colorful homes cocktails. This was high on my list of things to do in Ometepe, Nicaragua.
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hand was loving being out of place in areas like Lake Atitlán, Guatemala and Ometepe, Nicaragua. One . If you've been to Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, you can probably imagine that I was a
Is El Tunco, El Salvador Really A Party Town?
, Guatemala to Leon, Nicaragua which would be a 16 hour overnight bus journey, or stop in El Salvador. El
Understanding UNESCO World Heritage Sites
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and enjoyable time; it reminded me a lot of my canyoneering experience in Somoto Canyon, Nicaragua
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