A Cafe Lovers Guide to Antigua, Guatemala

A good cafe: a place where you can relax, chat with friends, or work in a cozy environment.

After the colorful Spanish colonial architecture and ruins, the first thing I noticed about Antigua was it's plethora of cafes. Modern, trendy, hip cafes serving up delicious food and coffee sprinkled throughout the historic city!

I am such a fan of a good coffee shop. A place to work, hang out and feel as if you are a member of that community.

Particularly since I'm a digital nomad, I pay even more attention to the importance that is a good coffee shop.

To be clear, I'm not necessary talking about the quality of coffee, rather the ability to hang out or work, order a coffee and/or food, and enjoy the afternoon in a cozy setting with outlets and wifi.

Here are a few favorite cafes in Antigua, Guatemala!

Cafe Boheme

Cafe Boheme pleased me with amazing coffee, food and french inspired pastries! It's got extremely cozy decor where you can lounge on pillows. There are tons of outlets for every table, which is super important to me when I choose a cafe since I'm usually working. So I need outlets and wifi! 

Fat Cat Coffee

Probably the place with the best coffee! The owners take coffee very seriously, selecting the best beans from local, small batch roasters. When I was here they were doing tastings of coffee. Other famous coffee roasters were also in here ordering coffee (owner of Augies coffee roasters) - I was alerted by an excited patron. Clearly, this is where all the coffee lovers get their fix. Fat Cat doesn't have a big food menu, they focus primarily on coffee.

Cafe Bloom

Cafe Bloom has a relaxed, modern rustic vibe. With quaint decor, great coffee and food menu, semi private work spaces and outlets.I spent the entire day here working!



Union coffee promotes their joint as the only spot in town with Organic, Fair Trade Coffee. It definitely has the sustainable, health food vibe with tons of green smoothies on the menu! They also offer yoga Saturday mornings in the park with a smoothie to follow!

Y Tu Piña Tambien

Y Tu Piña Tambien offers coffee, specialty coffee, smoothies, and food in a cozy, tropical setting.


GuateJava Cafe and Roastery represents high-quality Guatemalan coffees from communities without access to broader markets.

Refuge Coffee

Refuge coffee offers fresh, high quality, small batch coffee and a chill vibe.

Fernando's Kaffee

Fernando's Kaffee is a coffee and chocolate shop, roastery and cafe with a lovely courtyard patio. We opted for fresh, delicious and healthy juice this afternoon instead of coffee.

Maria Lucas Cafe

Eat, drink and be happy like a goat in this adorable cafe.

Delicias Quetzaltecas Cafe Y Chocolate

A quiet place to get a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, ice cream or a sandwich with a more traditional feel and decor.

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