Why Hire A Travel Consultant?

Researching, planning and booking a unique and remarkable trip can be a grueling experience.

You can spend hours online looking for information and deals, bouncing from one website to another. It can feel overwhelming and impossible to sift through. Even after countless hours spent reading and researching, it's hard to feel confident in your decisions.

Hiring a travel consultant saves you time and energy, while creating a truly unique experience custom to you.



You're incredibly busy, and your time is a valuable and precious resource. 


Travel + Planning is our profession and our passion. Let us navigate the world of travel planning, so you can just enjoy!

Personalized Service

You're an individual and your travels should reflect your unique interests, not some prepackaged, non-negotiable itinerary.

Customer Advocacy

Special requests? No problem!

24 Hour Assistance

If something comes up, no fear. We're here to support you every step of the way.


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