How to Spend a Long Weekend in El Tunco, El Salvador

El Tunco has a reputation for being a party town, however it’s probably different than you imagine.

In addition to partying with locals and other travelers, El Tunco is a great place to surf, relax on the beach or pool, enjoy spectacular sunsets, delight in famous pupusas, and do yoga or go for a hike.

For a long weekend in El Tunco, we recommend:

Arrive on a Thursday

Check In & Walk Around Town
The town is tiny, two streets and only one intersection! It won't take you long to explore, so slow down. Enjoy being in absolutely no rush.

Watch The Spectacular Sunset

Never have I seen a sunset with the sun so big!

Pupusas (and local beer) for Dinner

There is a place away from the beach that is amazing and cheap! It doesn't look like much other than a hole in the wall, but I promise these pupusas are good eating. Plus, they're only $0.75! I loved the bean and cheese, and the garlic.

Have a quiet night in prep for a big weekend!


Smoothie or Light Breakfast
Perhaps at Dale Dale Cafe or one of the several smoothie stands near the beach.

Surf First Thing

Surfboard rentals are $10 all day. There’s a beginner beach just a 10 minute drive away with lovely fine sand where I recommend to start if you’re new. You can also pay extra for a one-on-one lesson.

If you like bread and cheese hot off of the grill and made with tradition and love, you'll be eating pupusas again. And that's okay!

Beach Time

Surf again since you've got the rental or hang on the beach if you're tired from your early morning surfing session.

Watch The Spectacular Sunset

Enjoy a casual cocktail or beer beach front while watching the beautiful setting sun.


Most likely you’ll be back for pupusas. I ate them twice a day the entire time I was here, and even got a couple to bring with me when I left for the long bus ride! However, if you're in the mood for Italian there's an amazing pizza joint called Pizzaria Tunco Veloz.

This pizza was some of the best pizza I've ever had! Thin crust baked to perfection, cheese toasted to give you that mouth watering crunch, accompanied by incredible homemade garlic oil and red pepper oil! So good in fact I couldn't want to dive into a slice before taking a picture! Oops!

Enjoy Cocktails and a Night on the Town



Try a local breakfast at the pupusa place I recommended above. #EatLocal

FUN FACT: Stephanie's favorite foods are pretty much pictured above - avocado, cheese, fried plantains, eggs and beans, so this really hit the spot. ;-) 

Waterfall Hike
All day hike and requires some technical skill. 

Sunset on the Beach
Because this is what you're here for, right? The massive, glowing yellow sun propped against a backdrop of the sea and palm trees. Then dinner and possibly another night out if you're feeling up for it!



Yoga at Balance

Pupusas for lunch because.... when in El Salvador

Pool or Beach to soak in some Vitamin D

Pupusas, Italian or the corner place. Trust me you’ll find the "corner place" since there’s only one intersection in El Tunco!


Breakfast then head out to your next destination!

There is so much to do in El Salvador and Central America, let us navigate the world of travel planning for you. Contact us to start planning your next great adventure.

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