20 Photos of Aruba That Will Have You Dying to Book a Trip

Divi Aruba

The motto on the Caribbean Island of Aruba is "One Happy Island."

Once you arrive on the island, the motto holds true and it is impossible to have a bad time. There is so much to love about Aruba.

Aruba is located far south in the Caribbean Sea just off the coast of Venezuela. Aruba's location is outside of the hurricane belt, meaning it has nearly 365 days of sunshine each year and is immune to the devastation that much of the Caribbean suffered through in the late summer of 2017.

This means there is really no bad time of year to visit Aruba. This gives it an edge over many tropical destinations that face months of rainy weather. While September is the hottest month, the trade winds keep you feeling comfortable even in the hottest parts of the day.

My trip to Aruba was for a friends destination wedding. I though she was crazy when she said she was getting married in the Caribbean in August but it was one of the most magical weddings I've been apart of. Nothing like exchanging vows, barefoot in white sand with the waves crashing behind you as the sun dips behind the horizon.

Besides perfect weather and an amazing location for a destination wedding, Aruba has so much more to keep you occupied.

My favorite experience while in Aruba was hitting Renaissance Island to lounge and swim with flamingos. It's no secret that my favorite vacation activity is lounging on the beach with a cocktail and what better way to do that than surrounded by flamingos. You can even feed them and snap photos with them.

For the more active soul, Aruba's constant trade winds makes it the perfect spot for water sports like windsurfing. Many hotels on the island have windsurfing lessons if you are not well versed in the sport but want to give it a try.

Aruba is also a haven for divers. With many shipwrecks off the coast of the island, there are unique dive spots to explore. I'm not a diver but we were able to snorkel above a sunken German merchant ship. It was one of the most unique snorkeling spots I've experienced.

If you are looking for activities outside of the water, part of Aruba's coastline is rugged making it the perfect spot to ride ATVs.

And of course, Aruba has world class shopping, casinos and golf courses.

Not convinced yet that Aruba needs to be your next vacation destination? Here are 20  picture of Aruba to prove it:


Renaissance Island | Aruba
Swimming with Flamingos
Aruba Beach
Around Town| Aruba
Aruba Port
Aruba, You Should Be Here
Caribbean Destination Wedding | Aruba
Aruba Harbor
Aruba Sunset
Divi Aruba Pool
Oranjestad Aruba.jpg
Aruba Destination Wedding
Le Garage Aruba
Flamingos Roaming the Beach .jpg
One Happy Island| Aruba .jpg
Window to the Sea
Mangrove Bar | Aruba
Toes in the Water | Aruba
Oranjestad, Aruba.jpg

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