All Aboard, Norway! Discover the Bergen to Oslo Train

With it's wild and magnificent Norwegian mountain scenery, the train from Bergen to Oslo, Norway is said to be one of the best, if not the best, in Europe.

Traveling across Norway, train passengers are exposed to the quiet countryside, charming villages, tremendous sweeping mountains, mystical forests, and more bodies of water than you can count.

This train links the country’s two most important cities. Between them, what seems to be impenetrable mountains covered in snow.

After spending some time on the west coast of Norway in Bergen, Stavanger to hike Preikestolen and road tripping the fjords, it was time to head east to Oslo.

The Bergen train station is located at Nonnester, just one tram stop away from Byparken city center.

The train ride is roughly 7 hours long. It was built between 1875 and 1909. It crosses 496 kilometres (308 mi) and climbs 1,237 metres (4,058 ft) through the Hardangervidda plateau. In fact, it reaches the highest altitudes of any other train in Europe. (Source

The Bergen Oslo train traverses through more than 180 tunnels carved out of the mountains.

The highest point of the train is at Finse station, reaching a whopping 1,222 meters (4,000 feet) above sea level.

Finse ski town was practically a white out when we passed through. Dog sledding, ski sailing, cross country skiing offered here.

We visited Norway middle of May (we took our train ride to Oslo on May 20) and snow sports were very much open.

The train departs from Bergen 4 times daily, you can be sure to find a time that fits in with your schedule.

The train has wifi, luggage storage, food cart and restrooms in every train car.

It was a great opportunity to relax, catch up on some reading or work, all the while enjoying spectacular views of Norway.

Traveler's Tip: Buy your ticket(s) online first at to save roughly 150 NOK. It's recommended you buy your tickets up to 60 days ahead of time as tickets can sell out, especially in the summer.

Additionally, if you're heading in the direction of Bergen, you can get off at Myrdal station and take a 20km detour on the famous fjord train down to Flåm. This train journey is one of the most beautiful in the world as you are brought through to Flåm Valley and admire beautiful Aurlandsfjord. Aurlandsfjord is a branch of Sognefjord, one of the world’s longest fjords. The train continues to Voss and the last stop is Bergen.

Views of Flåm from   my Fjord Road Trip  .

Views of Flåm from my Fjord Road Trip.

I can't say with certainty that the Bergen to Oslo train is the most beautiful in Europe. But I can say with absolute certainty that you will not regret taking this train, nor will you regret spending time in Norway.

Norway is one of the most magical countries I've ever been to.

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