Where to Find the Best Tomato Soup in Iceland

For such a small country, Iceland gets it right when it comes to sustainability. They've figured out clean energy by harvesting naturally occurring geothermal activity. And due to their harsh winters, they've also figured out how to sustainably grow food.

Iceland sits just below the arctic circle and gets very little to no sunlight during winter months. To combat the problem of growing crops with little sunlight, there are greenhouses all over Iceland.

Fridheimar is a tomato and equestrian farm that specializes in growing tomatoes year round. Their state-of-the-art greenhouse makes it possible to grow even during the harshest Icelandic winters. They use geothermal water to heat the greenhouse, pest control systems, and intricate irrigation channels. They even import boxes of bees each week to pollinate the crops.

Fridheimar has been a family operation since 1995. In 2011, they turned a portion of the greenhouse into a restaurant serving up the most amazing tomato soup you will ever eat.

The tables are set up in the greenhouse, the true definition of farm to table. The menu is simple; bottomless tomato soup, a bread bar, and a few other dishes such as cucumber salsa highlighting the flavorful tomatoes growing in the greenhouse .

The drink menu is just as lovely as the tomato soup and includes multiple variations of the classic Bloody Mary. Fridheimar has even created their own concoction, the Healthy Mary – made from green tomato, lime, honey and ginger, served chilled with sparkling water.

Finish your meal with hand made tomato ice cream or mouthwatering cheesecake with green-tomato jam, cinnamon and lime.

I like tomatoes, but generally avoid them in the Unites States since most often, grocery store tomatoes are mushy and flavorless. Even farmer market finds can lack flavor depending on the season, farm and ripeness. Until we ate at Frideimar, I almost forgot what a good tomato tasted like.

And what is better than tomato soup on a cold day in Iceland!

The restaurant is open daily from 12pm - 6pm. Book in advance.

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