Hiking Preikestolen Norway: An Iconic Adventure

When you think about Norway, do you picture the fjords? Do you picture monumental cliffs surrounding still blue waters?

Do you picture endless hiking trails through forests, rivers, lakes and mountains to spectacular viewpoints?

We certainly do!

Hiking, to me, is a quasi religious experience. It’s spiritual, being in nature and connecting with the Earth, trees and fresh air. Moving your body in unison with the world. Stumbling upon wildlife and views that make you believe in something greater than yourself.

Every time I hike there are moments I think to myself, “How lucky am I to be alive, to be right here in this moment.” With thoughts like these I can feel joy radiating over every ounce of my body.

When I went to Norway in May of 2017, I knew I had to do some hiking. 

The summer hiking season was in it’s infancy so we didn’t have too many options for hiking, but we could hike Preikestolen which was at the top of my Norway hiking list!

Preikestolen, or Pulpit Rock, is located north of the town of Stavanger in southwest Norway.

Preikestolen is a square rock that juts out 604 meters (2,000 feet) above Lysefjord.

FUN FACT: Did you know that there are more than 1,000 fjords in Norway? But the iconic ones like Lysefjord, Nærøyfjord, the Sognefjord, the Geirangerfjord are all located in the west.

We were staying with friends in Bergen, and from there we took a 5-hour bus ride south to Stavanger, which included 2 ferries.

The nice thing about bus rides in Norway, especially long bus rides, is the charming and beautiful views of the Norwegian countryside. Also, it’s light until very late, so you can see everything!

The next day from Stavanger, we took a ferry to Tau then a bus to Preikestolen Fjellstue. There are service facilities with toilets where the bus drops you off.

TIP: You can get the tickets at the ferry, or you can buy online ahead of time, which is cheaper.

To get to the viewpoint of Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) requires a 350 m (1,150 foot) ascent over roughly a 2.5 hours hike.

It's astounding at the top. The expanse over the fjord is unparalleled, inspiring, iconic. It's quite terrifying to stand on the edge of the rocks, but also rewarding of a major accomplishment. 

Sapphire & Elm Travel Co-Founder,   Stephanie  , on top of Preikestolen 

Sapphire & Elm Travel Co-Founder, Stephanie, on top of Preikestolen 

The main season of Preikestolen is April to October. But if there is snow on the ground it’s not recommended that you hike Preikestolen.

Make sure to bring layers of clothing. I wore a long sleeve and brought a fleece and outwear jacket. I didn’t need the two outer layers because the weather was unseasonably warm and sunny that day, but you might need them.

Additionally, bring food and water. We had a lovely picnic on the rocks above Preikestolen so we had great views of Pulpit Rock and Lysefjord!

Do you want to go hiking in Norway? Perhaps road trip the fjords? Contact Us to plan your great adventure to Norway. After all, you deserve a unique, custom and stress-free trip!

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