Hotel Spotlight: The Atlantic Byron Bay

Walk Way at the Atlantic Byron Bay

The Atlantic Byron Bay is a collection of bungalows in the heart of Byron Bay, Australia. Self described as a lifestyle hotel, it's more than just a place to rest your head at night. It's an impeccably designed guest house that would make even the most seasoned travelers (and interior designers) drool.

Their mission is to make their guests feel welcome with a sense of community must like the town its located in.  

Located on the corner of Marvel St and Middleton St, as soon as you see the outside of the property you know you are in for a treat. The exterior of the hotel is surrounded by palm trees. The facade of the buildings are white wood putting you at ease the second you glance at the property.

The interior is even more magical, lined with wood plank paths and surrounded by tropical foliage. It's a true oasis in the middle of Byron Bay.

As much of a paradise as Byron Bay is, the town especially in the summer months can become congested. The Atlantic gives you an escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, while putting you in walking distance from everything you want to experience in Byron Bay. Cafes, shops, beaches, you name it!

We arrived mid afternoon on a Friday in late spring. The town was packed and we were relieved to find that The Atlantic has off street parking for their guests. The reception cottage is just as adorable as the rest of the property, with a tiny gift shop where you want to buy everything. Reception was of course incredibly welcoming. We were shown to our room in the Little Palm cottage and given the lay of the land. 

The Atlantic Byron Bay Hotel
Coconut Cottage | The Atlantic Byron Bay
Little Palm| The Atlantic Byron Bay .jpg

The Atlantic is made up of 4 cottages. Each cottage is equipped with an impeccably designed, full kitchen. Guest are welcome to use any kitchen they would like even if their room is located in different cottage. 

In the kitchen, each guest gets a dedicated space in the fridge. While there is no shortage of amazing cafes and restaurants around town, it's always nice while traveling to get local produce and have a home cooked meal. And with a kitchen like these, its too perfect not to use.

Kitchen at the Atlantic Byron Bay
Decor at the Atlanic Byron Bay

TRAVELERS TIP: Grab some fresh produce and goodies at The Farm.

The rooms at The Atlantic Byron Bay range depending on what kind of stay you are looking for. For example, The Albatross rooms are the most spacious and private, equipped with a separate entrance and and outdoor shower.

The Cabana rooms are for the traveler looking to make a quick dash to the beach in the morning and are designed to resemble a surf shack.

Quite possibly the coolest type of accommodation offered by the Atlantic? The Airstream. That's right, a classic Airstream camper is located on the property and available for bookings. For those of you that want to camp and feel like one with nature but still want all the amenities of a hotel, this is perfect! It's glamping right in the heart of Byron Bay.

Strolling Around The Atlantic

The Atlantic has plenty to keep you occupied during your stay. The Atlantic has the most picture perfect plunge pool located in the Little Palm cottage. It gets plenty of sunlight and is the perfect spot to unwind.

Feel like hitting the town? Grab one of the bikes on the property and cruise around the streets of Byron Bay. If you want to surf, grab a board from The Atlantic's board shack. The hotel has beach umbrellas, towels and even surf wax available to its guests.

In the evening, sit around the fire and unwind with a drink and chat up your fellow travelers. In the morning, grab a mat and do yoga in the same area surround by lush palm trees.

Bikes at The Atlanic Byron Bay
Plung Pool | The Atlantic Byron Bay
Surf Lesson | The Atlantic Byron Bay
Surf Boards at The Atlantic
Patio at The Atlantic Byron Bay

While the Atlantic has plenty to keep guests occupied, Byron Bay is such an electric town, you have to get out and explore.  Here our some of our recommendations to get the most out of your time in Byron Bay.

Want to Experience Byron Bay for yourself? Contact us to start planning your custom vacation to Australia.

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Hotel Spotlight The Atlantic Byron Bay