Volcano Boarding in Leon, Nicaragua

Have you ever wanted to board down an active volcano?

Chances are you've never heard that it's something you can do. After all, active volcanoes are dangerous, right?

Cerro Negro is a very new volcano, the youngest in Central America having appeared first in April of 1850. The last time Cerro Negro erupted was in 1999. In fact, Cerro Negro has erupted 23 times in it's lifetime.

However, you can board down this stunning, sandy, hot, active volcano. And I recommend that you do.

The Basics of Volcano Boarding in León, Nicaragua

Cerro Negro is in the Cordillera de los Maribios mountain range about a one hour drive outside of León, Nicaragua.

This mountain range consists of several volcanos including San Cristóbal (1745 m tall), Pilas (983 m tall), Telica (1060 m tall), Cerro Negro (450 m tall), and Momotombo (1258 m tall).

After driving out to the volcano, you'll get out of the truck to sign in to the park's "guestbook" and then proceed to the bottom of the volcano.

From there, you'll get your board and backpack filled with goggles and a full body jump suit, then you'll proceed to hike up to the top of the volcano. The hike takes only about an hour. 

TIP: If your tour does not give you a free tee or tank, make sure to bring something to cover your face while your sliding down the volcano! You WILL get black sand and dirt in your teeth otherwise. Not fun.

The hike offers spectacularly expansive views of Nicaragua,  Telica and San Cristóbalvolcanoes line the horizon.

Sapphire & Elm Co-Founder, Stephanie Hiking up Cerro Negro for Volcano Boarding

Sapphire & Elm Co-Founder, Stephanie Hiking up Cerro Negro for Volcano Boarding

Cerro Negro itself is magnificent. It's name translate to Black Hill and it's just that; a black sandy hill with striking white and red sand sweeping down the mountain.

After an hours hike up, you'll change into the jumpsuit and then slide down the volcano! It only take 1 to 2 minutes to slide down! Don't be too afraid, you can control your speed based on how much you use your feet as breaks.

TIP: Some tours offer the option of going twice. Yes, this means you'll have to hike up the volcano twice but I think it's worth it since the first time you're apprehensive about going too fast!

So when you're in Leon, Nicaragua be sure to add Volcano boarding to do list.

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