Travel is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in the world.

Travel encourages you to be open to new adventures and meeting new people.

Travel enables you to soak in culture, eat delicious food, and to challenge yourself and your mindset. 

Travel should change you. But in order for that to happen, you need to be open to possibilities and to have the flexibility to explore on a whim. By adhering to a strict schedule or an itinerary pre-planned for the masses, you are limiting yourself from any opportunity that presents itself.

It's these opportunities that turn an ordinary trip, into your extraordinary adventure.

the Story of Sapphire & Elm Bespoke Travel Co.

Stephanie & Carly met at San Diego State University while studying International Business and Marketing.

Fast forward several years, we decided to embark on a career change. Stuck behind a desk, with wanderlust in our eyes and hearts, we strived to combine our passions of traveling, travel planning, and entrepreneurship in order to create Sapphire & Elm Travel Co., a bespoke travel agency specializing in custom vacations.

but… what Does Sapphire & Elm Mean?

We wanted our name to be personal; to reflect who we were as individuals and as a team. We didn't want our name to be just another cheesy or cliche name based on our chosen industry.

After countless hours brainstorming over cheese boards and wine, and deliberating with friends and family, the simplest solution came to us. 

Stephanie lived on Sapphire Street, Carly lived on Elm. 

Elm (a tree) represents nature and adventure, how Stephanie prefers to travel. For example, swimming in Krka National Park Croatia. While Sapphire (a jewel) represents luxury, how Carly prefers to travel. 

Additionally, elms are green and sapphires are blue, representing the colors of the Earth and it's treasures.

The name stuck. 

Meet Stephanie & Carly

Stephanie (left) & Carly (right)

Stephanie (left) & Carly (right)

Carly (left) & Stephanie (right)

Carly (left) & Stephanie (right)

About Carly

Fun facts about Carly:

  • Favorite travel memories are from Greece and Iceland.

  • Dream job: International Spy. I watch a lot of Alias, I want to be Sydney Bristow.

  • The flamingo is my spirit animal.

  • From Los Angeles, California

About Stephanie

Fun facts about Stephanie:

  • Favorite travel memories are from Greece, Croatia, Belize, Guatemala and Colombia.

  • Certified Yoga Instructor and Avid hiker

  • Can make a wicked cool fish face

  • I've solo traveled through most of Central America and Europe, and parts of South America.

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Your travels shouldn't be mass produced or non-negotiable.

We specialize in custom vacations, providing you with unique and memorable travel experiences. As seasoned travelers, we have the special ability to offer you relevant recommendations and personal insights. 


Travel planning should be fun, not stressful.

There is so much information online and in guidebooks - it can feel overwhelming and impossible to sift through. Even after countless hours spent reading and researching, it's hard to feel confident in your decisions. After all this might be the only time you'll go to those cities or country.

Let us navigate the world of travel planning for you.

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