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Never in my life have I heard such large amounts of people speak so passionately about how wonderful a country was. In fact, I completely altered my travels plans upon hearing so many people talk about how Colombia is the best country they’ve ever visited. Colombia has got everything; Caribbean beaches, volcanoes, modern cities, jungles, lakes, coffee, hiking, the friendliest people, incredible dancing and nightlife, and so much more.

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Colombia is the second most biodiverse country on Earth, after Brazil yet much smaller at only 1/7 the size! It boasts 56,343 species, 311 types of coastal and continental ecosystems, and 59 protected areas. Colombia is home to more different species of orchids and birds than anywhere else on Earth! Needly to say climate in Colombia is vastly different depending on where you go; the coast is hot and humid while the mountains provide for a chill and frequent rain. Pack light layers for all climates, bring an umbrella and shoes that can get wet for rain or waterfall hikes!

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As we just discussed, the incredibly vast climate diversity of the country means rain and temperatures will differ from place to place. Generally speaking rainy season is; on Caribbean coast from September to October, in the Andes Mountains (Medellin, Bogota, Coffee region, etc.) from April to July then again from October to December. High (dry) season is December to March. I’ve traveled to the Colombia coast in October, and spent all of rainy season and Medellin and will say this; yes it will rain, you can’t have a country this wonderfully green without rain, but I never once wore my rain boots.


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