9 Warm Weather Destinations To Escape the Winter Cold

El Nido Palawan Philippines | Warm Weather Destinations to Escape the Winter Cold

The leaves are changing, everything has pumpkin added to it, and Thanksgiving in the United States is just around the corner.

Most of America is savoring autumn and all its coziness, but come January when the leaves have all fallen and replaced by a hardened snow, you miiiight be whistling another tune.    

If (or should I say, when) the charm of the chill has worn off, here are 9 warm weather destinations to escape the biting cold of winter. Trust us, you won’t be the only one making a getaway.


Cocora Valley, Salento, Colombia | Warm Weather Destinations to Escape the Cold

If you’re following along here on Sapphire & Elm Travel, you know that Colombia quickly became one of my top three countries (out of 30) that I’ve been to. Colombia is incredibly beautiful and diverse, offering the Caribbean ocean, jungle, Amazon rainforest, antique and cultural cities, volcanoes, and hiking galore. Plus, Colombia has the absolute warmest, most welcoming people, incredible food scene, and nightlife including you guessed it, Salsa and Bachata dancing.

A short flight time from Miami (3 hours) and Atlanta (4 hours) to Cartagena, makes Colombia a perfect getaway. Plus, since it’s the Americas you won’t get jet lag.

Cartagena, Tayrona National Park, and the entire north coast provide for hot temperatures and very little (if any rain!) from December to March. More moderate temperatures in the central regions of Medellín, Salento, etc.


Belize Great Blue Hole | Warm Weather Destinations to Escape the Winter Cold

Belize is the perfect combination of luxury and authentic. At just a 2 hour flight from Miami, and 3 hours from Dallas and Atlanta, and average temperatures in the mid to high 80’s year-round, Belize is an easily accessible warm weather destination. Relax on any number of beaches on Belize’s 200 islands, sail down the coast, or have an adventure in the jungle like exploring Mayan Ruins in the ATM Cave.  


Garden by the Bay, Singapore | Warm Weather Destinations to Escape the Winter Cold

Yes, we’re still on a Singapore craze thanks to Crazy Rich Asians. Culture, color, and just the right touch of craziness, the average temperature in Singapore from December to March is a high of 90°. From luxury accommodations, iconic activities including Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay, to its acclaimed food scene, this island nation has it all. Clean and English speaking makes Singapore a perfect “entry-level” to Asia.

Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech Morocco Jardin Majorelle | Warm Weather Destinations to Escape the Winter Cold

On the edge of the Sahara Desert, you can expect the best time to visit temperature wise is not in the summer. With it’s Riads, bustling narrow streets of the medina, and close proximity to the Sahara Desert, a trip to Marrakech, Morocco is ideal from November to May. Expect chillier nights December to February clocking in at an average temperature of 47° lows.


Vinales Valley Cuba | Warm Weather Destinations to Escape the Winter Cold

Yes, you can still visit Cuba. It seemed like after Trump took office that he was going to ban travel to Cuba. That hasn’t happened. The Trump administration did reverse or tighten some policies set by the Obama administration. While there was no big official change, just the perception dramatically reduced the number of American tourists to Cuba since early 2017.

You can still visit Cuba under the “people to people” exchange, which is how both myself and Carly visited Cuba in 2016 and 2017 (respectively). Let us handle the complicated visas and other paperwork.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica | Warm Weather Destinations to Escape the Winter Cold

Costa Rica has been a very popular destination for Westerners for more than a decade, making this Latin American country more developed than its’ neighbors, meaning better roads, ability to drink tap water, and lots of English speakers. There is no shortage of adventure and awe-inspiring natural beauty here. Pura vida, friends.

San Diego, California

San Diego | Warm Weather Destinations to Escape the Winter Cold

It’s always sunny in San Diego, ironically except some summer months where San Diego encounters what locals call “May Gray” and “June Gloom”. Some of the best months to visit this sun-speckled coastal city is October and January when there are very few tourists and weather is most likely a moderate 75° day. Spend your days walking barefoot on the beach, hiking Torrey Pines, having a nice meal and cocktail outside, or kayaking in Mission Bay, but bring a jacket for the nighttime. While temperatures are not to be guaranteed hot, it rains on average only 22 days per year!


Philippines Palawan Island | Warm Weather Destinations to Escape the Winter Cold

Dry season in the Philippines in November to April, so rain is minimal but dry season also means high tourist season, especially March and April so best to go December through February when temperatures are slightly cooler but still warm enough for beach days - and there are more than 7,500 islands to explore!


Argentina Iguazu Falls | Warm Weather Destinations to Escape the Winter Cold

In the Southern Hemisphere, Argentina’s reverse seasons mean December and January is sweet, sweet summertime. In Buenos Aires temperatures will be around 75°, and even warmer in Mendoza. Summer means high season for tourists, so expect more crowds and higher price points for flights and accommodations.

Best time to buy international plane tickets are usually about 5-12 weeks out.

Psst… A vacation might be the best gift your partner will receive this holiday. Who wouldn’t want to swap out a week of shoveling snow and far too early sunsets for tropical cocktails and sunshine?

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