Caribbean Magic: 3 Days Sailing in Belize

Goff's Caye, Belize

Goff's Caye, Belize

Wind in your face as you sail over turquoise Caribbean waters. Sun kissing your skin, and not a care in the world. 

Three days filled with swimming in the picturesque clear sea, snorkeling with the fish, relaxing on white sand beaches of remote islands and eating fresh-caught seafood with the setting sun.

This is Belize.

Rendezvous Caye, Belize

Rendezvous Caye, Belize

After arriving in Belize, I spent five days on Ambergris Caye then another five days on Caye Caulker; I needed to truly understand the difference between these two most famous and popular Belizean islands in order to recommend the right island (or combination) for our clients. 

Days in Belize are spent swimming, soaking up sun rays, drinking Belikin beer by the water, snorkeling or diving, kayaking, relaxing, eating fresh and delicious food, and meeting new friends both fellow travelers and welcoming locals.

One of the primary reasons I came to Belize was to spend a few days sailing down the coast; camping on uninhabited islands under the stars, snorkeling all day, and drinking rum all night with new friends.

Three days of absolute Caribbean magic.

No internet nor service, no shoes, no problems. This sailing experience was one of the best "trips" within a trip I have ever done.

Below are 16 of pictures of three magical days of sailing in Belize. Enjoy this digital vacation, and then contact us to help you plan your ideal Caribbean vacation. 

Sailing Belize

Sailing by the mainland of Belize.


Goff's Caye | Sailing in Belize

Approaching Goff's Caye, Belize; an uninhabited and pristine island in the Caribbean.


swimming to Goff's Caye | Sailing in Belize

Swimming to Goff's Caye!


Rendezvous Caye | Sailing in Belize
Rendezvous Caye | Sailing in Belize

Approaching Rendezvous Caye; our home for the first time. 


Rendezvous Caye | Sailing in Belize
sunset on Rendezvous Caye | Sailing in Belize

Enjoying the setting sun on our home for the first night of the sailing trip, Rendezvous Caye.


fresh seafood | Belize sailing trip

Fresh fish for lunch!


Tobacco Caye | Sailing in Belize
Tobacco Caye | Sailing in Belize
stingray near Tobacco Caye | Sailing in Belize
accommodations on Tobacco Caye | Sailing in Belize

Hanging out on Tobacco Caye.


fresh lobster on Belize sailing trip
sunset lobster BBQ while sailing in Belize
sunset lobster BBQ on Ragga Caye while sailing in Belize

The "unBelizeable" stages of the lobster BBQ! Catching the lobster at sea, preparing the oceanfront BBQ and cooking the lobster with the setting sun. Couldn't get more quintessential Belize!


island while sailing Belize
beach on Ragga Caye | Belize sailing trip

Swimming on the pristine beach of Ragga Caye.

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