One-On-One Travel Consulting

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“Oh, I wish I would have known…”

That dreaded phrase.

You spend months agonizing over a trip, wanting it to be perfect.

Then something comes up, and you think, “I wish I would have known…”

For years I’ve provided you with full service travel planning to destinations around the world, offering unique recommendations and advice based on my personal experience and professional network.

Lately, you’ve been asking for another option, so I am pleased to offer you one-on-one travel consultations.

In this 30-minute phone call, you have the space to ask me personal questions relating to your unique trip you’re planning.

This consultation is perfect for you if;

| you have a few destination options in mind but want to hear real-life experience, insights, & advice for each of them so you pick the best one for you now

| you have flights but you have NO IDEA how to spend your time there (you're not alone, I get emails like this daily!)

| you have an idea of what to do and where to go but would like confirmation, a few questions answered, and just want to hear more about the destination from someone who's been there so you can save time, energy and money, I mean… how long should you spend in each destination, anyway!

| you’ve read a dozen blog articles but you want to have a conversation with a real person, about your unique trip and preferences… someone who’s been there or has many professional and personal contacts in the destination.

Because let's be honest, you don't know what you don't know... and that makes it hard to look up!

Price: $55


Had enough with researching, planning, fretting and doing it all on your own? Would you rather delegate the whole project to a professional so you can focus on living life? You’ve got options. Hire me for Full-Service Travel Planning, then sit back and relax.


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