Walk the Walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia (aka King's Landing!)


The first time I went to Croatia was in 2012 and I was blown away. I had spent 5 months studying in Paris and exploring other parts of Europe on long weekends and in the month before University started.

When school let out some friends and I decided to go to Greece and Croatia to enjoy summer on the Mediterranean.

Of course, I’ve heard about Greece, the islands and the Cyclades in particular for years and years. The lovely white buildings juxtaposed against the stunning blue sea. I had built up a picture in my mind of the scenery of Greece.

Croatia just didn’t have the same prestige as Greece did. I still don’t think it does, despite the charm and beauty of Croatia that could rival even the loveliest of Greek islands. It’s still “off the beaten path” in Europe, even though the difference in number of tourists between then and now was outstanding.

I don’t think it will be that way for much longer. Because those who visit Croatia fall in love with the country. I would argue without exception.


Croatia has so much to offer; history, ocean, wine and nature being a few of my personal favorites. Wine was the absolute loveliest surprise here! I had no idea of their wine culture until this recent trip, but more on that in a different post.

During my European summer, it was a priority to visit Croatia again, particularly after two weeks in Norway I was craving some warmth.

Since I had never been to Dubrovnik I decided to make that my first stop, then I would work my way north to Hvar, Split, Krka National Park and Zadar.

Old Town Dubrovnik is like stepping back in time thousands of years. Certainly the reason Game of Thrones made Dubrovnik the basis for King’s Landing. Many scenes of King’s Landing were filmed right here including Cersei’s infamous “Walk of Shame”, you can recreate her walk down the stairs.


In Old Town Dubrovnik, I highly recommend you "Walk the Wall".

The walls of Dubrovnik are a series of defensive stone walls surrounding the city. They were constructed during the 12th to 17th centuries, and never once were the walls breached by an invading hostile army during this time. Therefore, making them amongst the great fortification systems of the Middle Ages.

The old town of Dubrovnik achieved UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979.

The walls are about 6,400 feet (1,940 meters) in length, encircling most of the old city, and reach a maximum height of about 82 feet (25 meters).

It takes approximately 45 minutes to walk around the wall, although taking your time is encouraged because the views up here are spectacular. Additionally, there are several places you can stop for a drink or snack.


Dubrovnik is the most expensive town in Croatia, but worth every penny and still much cheaper than other major European cities like London. There are wonderful dining options and charming boutique hotels within the Old Town walls.

Croatia is a country not to be missed. Contact us to plan your next great adventure to Dubrovnik, Croatia and beyond.


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