Why You Should Visit the Greek Islands of Paxos and Antipaxos

When people think of the Greek Isles, the Cyclades usually get all the love.

The most famous of the Cyclades, Mykonos and Santorini, provide the classic Greek views of white houses carved into sweeping cliffs above the Aegean Sea.

While we absolutely love the Cyclades and have incredibly fond memories on those islands, we also have an obsession with the Ionian Islands west of the Greek mainland.

These islands see a ton of rain in the winter so their landscape is drastically different than the Cyclades. Green and lush. We're highlighting a couple of the little guys, Paxos and it's smaller, nearly uninhabited sister island Antipaxos. 

According to Greek mythology, Poseidon created Paxos and Antipaxos for his wife so she could have a retreat that was peaceful and quiet. He struck the tip of Corfu with his trident and now we reap the benefits of these idyllic islands.

Paxos and Antipaxos are only accessible by boat and can be reached from neighboring island Corfu or Igoumenitsa on the mainland. Because there is no airport on either island, they have been sheltered from a large influx of tourists.

Antipaxos is about 2 miles south of Paxos making a day trip to both islands possible. Paxos has a charming port dotted with tavernas. Paxos also has options for hotels and villas if you want to extend your stay.

Antipaxos is much smaller and know for its pristine beaches and turquoise waters. Most beaches are only accessible by boat so be prepared to swim to the beach. Or dock your boat and enjoy the scenery.

Paxos and Antipaxos may be some of the smallest of the Ionian islands but they pack a lot of Greek charm. The islands have an intimate vibe and are a must see on your trip to Greece.

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