15 Photos of Peru You Have to See Before You Visit

Humantay Lake Peru.jpg

Peru has soared to acclaimed travel status since the widespread awareness of Machu Picchu.

Peru is a spectacularly beautiful and diverse country from its history and archaeology, impressive lakes, charming colonial towns, rainforests, beaches, deserts - Peru truly has so much to discover. 

I flew straight to Peru from Colombia where I spent 3 months. To say I didn’t want to leave Colombia would be a  massive understatement, in fact, I cried the entire way to the airport. For this reason, frankly, I was worried any country I traveled to next wouldn't compare, and my view of Peru would have been ruined. But, thankfully, Peru is just too stunning to not appreciate at the very depths of your soul so matter where you've been or what you've seen before. 

I could sit here, and write down my experiences, adventures, emotions, and memories from places around the world, it could still never quite accurately portray the deep and various array of emotions I experienced - although I will still try to convey those stories with you in other articles on Peru!

So since a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes these photo compilations of a country are my favorite since I get to stand back and allow the pictures to speak for themselves.

Here are a few pictures that I hope represent just some of the grandeur of Peru! Enjoy!

condor flying in Colca Canyon Peru
Red Valley Peru
Cusco Peru food
Lake Titicaca Peru
Machu Picchu Peru
Lima Peru shoe store
Lima Peru seaside
Colca Canyon Peru
Huacachina Peru oasis
Sacred Valley Peru Inca ruins
Rainbow Mountain Peru.jpg
Huacachina Peru desert
Lima Peru street art
Lake Titicaca

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